Dream City Caribbean Resort and Residences will be a mixed-used Master Planned Community consisting of Residential, Hospitality, and Commercial properties.  The property is comprised of two main parcels of 1.267,762 square meters and 437,500 square meters for a total of 1,705,312 square meters or approximately 421 acres.  These two parcels are located directly across the main highway from each other.​

The first phase of the project will be closest to the street and will be open to the public and include the sales and administration facility, “Golf City”, a Golf-themed attraction with mini-golf, pitch and putt, and a putting course.  This area will also include a family restaurant and kid’s play area.

The second phase will include a Welcome Center, including a Cultural Center and art exhibition space.  Next to this will be the first phase of the Commercial Center which will eventually include multiple retail, dining, and entertainment options.  Across from this will be “Parque Central”, a large park consisting of botanical gardens, numerous walking and exercise trails, expansive green spaces, sports courts, and other outdoor amenities.

The third Phase will include the first residential and hospitality products including an approximately 300 unit condo-hotel, oceanfront and standard villas, and the start of the Infinity Beach Lagoon and “The Village”, a Beachfront dining and entertainment complex.

Additional Phases are planned to include multiple hotels, additional villas, condominiums, and project amenities.

Across the street from The Main Project is a planned hillside gated Community with more upscale Villas, many with Ocean views.  This sub-project, currently named Las Lomas, will have access to all Dream City Amenities and Services.